UPDATE – Dream Journal: The Handsome Prime Minister


There are many Canadians who “love” Justin Trudeau, and as it said in the dream that is what was depicted… he was a gentle man who had charm. Also, I saw that he lifted up the actress to ask Canada a question.. which was [if Canada could tell her a joke, as friends tell each other jokes… to make each other laugh.] In a way, this is encouraging Canada to laugh and smile but Canada is insecure about their friendship.

This video talks about how Trudeau SAYS he is going to keep Israel as a friend and ally! But we are waiting to see it come to pass – we shall see what God has chosen. I am excited to see what happens next … and hope we remain ally with Israel for the glory of God. His will be done overall though 🙂

Right now the friendship with Canada is perhaps “in the clouds” because the PM has not made a solid decision yet. But we shall see what happens in the next couple of days when he is actually ordained PM of Canada.


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