Dream Journal: The Handsome Prime Minister

Today I had a dream where I saw myself walking into a hospital with this tall man, very kind and wearing a black trench coat. I remember we were following this girl that I knew who was broke and she ended up going into a hospital. So we walked into the hospital and we saw her walking quickly to where she was suppose to go as she was directed by the staff. Somehow we knew we weren’t allowed to go into where she was and this man just went in and took me with him. (I will tell you in advance that this man looked like PM Justin Trudeau..) I heard yelling down the hall and we were walking into this chaotic and noisy place. When we walked around the corner we saw that it was a woman complaining and worried about her son. Her son was on a wheelchair of some sort and asking the receptionist if they can do another check up on him. The tall man went to the ledge of the window of the receptionist and leaned on it with his elbow. And as I walked by I saw this young boy sitting there, with red stuff on his face and his mother said “I just want him to be normal again” in anxiety and I walked by and said “he’s beautiful” in a whisper. I looked at the tall man and he looked at me and was falling in love because he saw compassion. Then he took my hand and we took a walk and I saw this other woman join us. She was not the focus at this point, it was just me and this man. He was charming and handsome and he would share much wisdom with me. Then I remember he told me to check into his pocket and inside his pocket he had a pair of reading glasses and some coins. I felt him saying or an idea came to me inside me saying “if you get the one penny he will stay with you” so I was hoping to get that penny but instead I got a nickel (5 cents) and it was an old one too – it looked American actually. Then the other woman (who looked exactly like Rashida Jones) came into the focus and she asked me if I could tell a funny joke, and I was not very confident to tell this woman a joke. Then I saw the tall man be a gentleman to this other woman and picked her up from her armpits (she was wearing a blueish trench jacket) and I became envious for that reason and jealous. He was very nice to her, after all the time he was nice to me. It came to thought that he was interested in her romantically but He wasn’t. I had discernment in the dream and I discerned that He was respecting her as a friend and has no intention to be with her as I was his. She simply asked me to say a joke, but it was also in my thoughts that idea “would he leave me if I didn’t do good at this?” “what if his favourite thing for me to do would be to make him laugh…” and I saw myself in centre stage, wearing a very cute yellow dress and shy and brushing the dust off the bottom part of my dress while straightening it, nervously about to start and I woke up.

I asked God about this dream because to be really honest It didn’t make sense to me. I have no interest in Justin Trudeau or in any male whatsoever except for the Lord. So he reminded me of the story of Hosea how Hosea was to place himself as an example of God and he was told to marry Gomer who represented “Israel”. God married Israel, but she prostituted herself to other gods but God still loved her. God uses woman as an example of a country. Just to make it clear hehe. 

What I learned from this dream was that tall man was Justin Trudeau, I was representing Canada, and the other woman is Jewish and African.

I tell you, it shocked me when I researched Rashida Jones on the internet and it says this about her in Wikipedia “Jones’ father, who is African-American (with Tikar roots from Cameroon), also has more distant English and Welsh ancestry.[2][3][4][5][6] Her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish (a descendant of immigrants from Russia and Latvia).[7] Jones and her sister were raised in Reform Judaism by their mother; she attended Hebrew school, though she left at the age of ten and did not have a Bat Mitzvah.[8]

When I saw this… my being shouted within me!

Canada is loving the Liberal PM at this moment, everyone is commenting about how handsome and charming he is. How he will change things in this country etc etc. Canada has fallen in love with Justin Trudeau and Justin loves her too – for he has seen her compassion for others and he loves it. Anyway, as we walk ( which is the journey of life ) we eventually reach a point where this other country is sort of there but isn’t fully in the picture yet – I’m talking about the Jewish family now. Following this Canada is walking with Trudeau and as charming as “wise” as he is he shares much things with her and he tells her to look into his pocket. I saw reading glasses: he reads a lot and knowledgeable and studious… and then I saw one penny and the rest were dimes, nickles etc. He told me to grab and choose one – and I remember hoping that we would find the penny but it was an American nickel which was different. So, something to do with American money. Then I remember this woman asked Canada to make her laugh as they were FRIENDS. and then the man lifted her up on a higher level so she could speak and ask the question (Jews will have their say in Canada) and Canada got jealous for the insecurity that their handsome PM will leave them for another. But the TRUTH was that the intentions of the PM wasn’t to be nice to be with the Jews, he was nice because he was their friend and thats what friends do – they help each other. So then Canada was put in the spot and she was shy and unsure of herself to say what she had to say.

Basically what I got from this is…

Canada will eventually become friends with the Jews again, cause there was some distance and then Canadians will be jealous cause there is to much happening with the Jewish people and then the truth is Canada is friends with the Jews and because of their friendship it will lift up the jewish people.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! This is for the Lord – he RULES. ALL


*on the side note, God has used me as an example of the body of Christ. When I have felt tired, I have seen the whole body tired. When I have been discouraged, I have seen many discouraged – its so weird. Anyway, if it was PM in love with the Body of Christ that would be amazing and the church needs to love the Lord more then Trudeau but more to respect him. Anyway… the Love of Christ is merciful.


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