Yesterday I watched the movie “War Room” and it greatly impacted me. During the movie I didn’t cry, because I was so focused on listening and learning. When I got home, and went into my own “war room” or secret place is where I just bawled my eyes out. I was amazed that I went to sleep in peace, and yet there were definitely warfare around me, but I fell asleep in peace with God protecting me. About 5am I believe, I had such a evil dream. It woke me up and for once was aware of the demonic seeds the enemy was planting in me. I felt the atmosphere around me when I woke up was not evil but offensive. So I said “No offences in my life anymore. No Satan. You can’t pollute me with your false “truths”.” and it was incredible.

It was such a terrible dream though. About the people currently in my life… I haven’t experienced so much negativity in my life! So negative. I mean, my past with my family was negative and even when I was in relationships with the wrong people but its been very chaotic in the congregation and temple I now attend. Super messy but the power of God is present. Very present.

I am just glad, very glad God woke me up to fight again. And he woke me up to say No to Satan (:


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