I learned quite a beautiful lesson today. Its been progressive lesson that God has been teaching me through the Holy Spirit and life experiences, movies, events and people.

To find beauty in brokenness. To find it and enjoy the beauty of it.

When all we focus on or are use to is negative, we can’t look at things positively. Its so hard.

I just watched a movie where this guy had the gift to go back in time and do things differently. To summarize quickly, he always went back to do things better, but in the end of this movie his dad got older and died of cancer. The first step was living that same day over again – but noticing the details (people smiling, work victories, family life, etc). Eventually he decided that he would no longer use that gift to change a thing, but live life as if it was his last. There is more appreciation and greatfulness in that because its true – We are not promised today or tomorrow, but God allows us to live & breath for His glory.

The last bit touched my heart so much – he went back and spoke to his dad and said it would be his last visit. Then they were face to face and said their goodbyes. The Father looked at his son and said “My Son” and the son looked at the Father and said “my dad”.  It was a moment of pure joy, love and awesomeness. It reminds me of how God would look at His Son Jesus. God gave the Son everything – and then I thought of myself before my God and Heavenly Father.

Really brought me to tears.

Beauty is not only what someone looks like but how a moment can change your life and bless you so abundantly.

Its like a wreath of soft pink flowers that are sweet in scent.

We may live in a world filled with many bad things, but Gods goodness is sweet.

Like sunrises
Like sunsets
Like noticing how a bunnies ear moves when they hear sound
Like people smiling after not smiling for days
When people finally have peace with one another and there’s a relief and joy
When a deer gently eats grass
When the sky is blue and clouds are puffy
When there’s a cool breeze on a warm day
When you can be free in the midst of madness
When you can stretch your arms out and cry out ” I LOVE JESUS”
And so much more ….


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