His Paradise

My Precious Daughter,

Remember that you are not home yet. I know you don’t fully understand now, but the day is coming when I will come for you and take you to the beautiful place I have prepared for you. There is a reason you do not feel at home where you are: I don’t want you to settle into this world. I want you to settle into Me alone. During this life, you are My ambassador of love and hope to those who need to know Me. The time is coming very soon when I will wipe away every tear you’ve ever cried, My beloved. Then you will reign with me on the New Earth I will create. Let your heart dream of eternity, and let your soul soar as you breathe in the amazing thought of being with Me forever.

Your Dwelling Place

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. – 1 Corinthians 2:9

Treasure of Truth

Don’t give up hope; you are not home yet.

Today’s devotional is drawn from His Treasure: Gems of Love From Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  All content copyright Sheri Rose Shepherd 2014. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide. Visit HisPrincess.com for devotionals, books, videos, and more from Sheri Rose Shepherd.

After reading this today, I really related to it. It was very accurate… there are so much things in this world which are negative. I tend to focus on it a lot because I’ve had some rotten experiences. Though, the Lord is just encouraging me and helping me focus on Him and not anything else. I look around a lot at the issues and need to trust that someday this will be over and we will be with the Lord and he will wipe away every tear from our eyes and we will be with Him. We humans are imperfect and cause so much issues for ourselves -sigh. Though, when we focus on Jesus at church (when others have forgotten that their authority was not to put people down but to lift them up. Not to be jealous if God blesses others but to be extremely happy because God is amazing!), focus on Jesus at work (when people disrespect God, they live in the world and in the ways of the world) and even family, friends and more.

Focusing on Jesus is relaxing, hopeful and again it brings hope <<<

I read somewhere that we have to choose to look at the positive things God has done, to be thankful that even though ones has rude co-workers you’ve been blessed with a job, even though people try to pressure you, means your getting refined in the area of patience and love where there is usually irritation, anger or impatience.

The Lord reminds me a lot that we can choose to be the wicked (unmerciful) servant that was forgiven and given mercy but didn’t forgive another person, or act different and forgive because God forgave us and had mercy on us. (Matt 18:21-35)


2 thoughts on “His Paradise

  1. josephbelovedinhiseyes says:

    Looking forward to new earth and new heaven!! It’s exciting to think about. I’m sure you are excited too! Our time on this earth will go by quickly for our life here is very short compared with eternity. Yes, there are so many bad things in the world, but our loving Father knows how to comfort us and is always there for us through the bad and good times. He will never leave or forsake us!! =)

    • unitedwiththeone says:

      Me too, I’m excited to see him face to face. That everything I hoped for in Him is true. I already know I will see Him face to face, but it’s just when He comes and everyone who didn’t believe when I said He was coming will see Him. I hope they believe before He comes though. But Yea, New Earth & New Heaven! So glad He chose us to be apart of His Kingdom. Amen too Him always being there for us, it’s vital cause so many things happen out of our control and yes, we need Him a Lot on this Earth. He is Mighty =D

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