Take My Yoke

I saw this image just now and it greatly impacted me. When Jesus said to “take my yoke” it was like sharing his yoke. He is carrying His yoke, and you are carrying His yoke. Notice that, you are not alone carrying the yoke and burdens but He is right there with you! A Mighty God can lift a heavy burden, and He is with you when you carry His yoke too. Don’t forget that you didn’t walk this walk to walk it without Jesus, He is surely with you.


2 thoughts on “Take My Yoke

  1. Lisa Aug. says:

    Wow, this is confirmation for me Sis.. and for all of us actually. Today I went through some uncalled for contempt and slander by certain people where I work, and the Lord just gave me His perfect peace over this. I thought about the unreasonable hostility Jesus endured and it made me think about how His Bride shares with Him in (to a lesser degree of course) what He endured physically, emotionally, etc., throughout His 33 years. And I began thinking that to share with Jesus we share His yoke with Him.. How that yoke unites us both together.. He and us with HIM.
    Then in church tonight, the lesson was on the same thing.. about His yoke and burden being light. After church I logged online and read this blog post.. Further confirmation!

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