Things we never plan…

Today I started to think about the many things that happen in our lives. Many things of which, we don’t plan. In example; we don’t plan a boyfriend cheating on us, we don’t plan a father abusing their own son or daughter, we don’t plan parents manipulating a child to do what they want when they are innocent, we don’t plan a family member dying all of a sudden, these are things we don’t plan but they happen. They happen, it’s sad but it’s true.

I found myself asking God, why? with tears in my eyes and then we try to run away from the problems we need to face – but it’s also okay to take a break because God knows it’s been heavy and hard.

and the one thing God says is: “There’s no place you could go where my love can’t find you. No place you could go, that I can’t see. No place you could fall where my love couldn’t catch you. I see it all, I see it all with the eyes of love. When your misunderstood, I understand. Im in everything.” – You Don’t Miss a Thing – Bethel

We can’t hide from God, wherever we go even if we try to hide in the dark, under a rock, a human being can’t find you but God can. And God presses in, and presses in, even when it seems he’s vanished. Nope, present indeed. After reading a bit of Ecclesiastes I really really started to think, after watching this show about teen pregnancy and every youth has their problems and issues they need to face I began to weep.

And through all the unplanned pain, sorrow, grief, God has a mighty and beautiful plan for each one of us and the devil had a plan for all of us since we were born – to destroy what God so beautifully created. Who God so beautifully wanted to use, yet in this world we battle against flesh and blood, but the truth is we need actually battle against being we cannot see, and can only defeat them letting Jesus be our refuge. He does come to your rescue if you don’t know how to defend yourself. He can win our battles, he HAS WON OUR BATTLES.

God bless


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