This morning…

Proverbs 27:19 (GW)
As a face is reflected in water,
so a person is reflected by his heart.

It’s 10:06 am here in Toronto, and I am just finally able to sit down and write something about this bible verse…It hit home, it stood out, and it was like a new window of opportunity opened! A new day to teach God’s word, a new day to share what God put in my heart, a fresh start.

I imagined this verse of wisdom and I literally pictured myself looking at my reflection in the water, and in that same way I see myself in the water is the same way my heart reflects me (attitude, faith, character..) I started to see the reflection of my heart – in comparison with God’s word.

….It humbled me, hahaha. Of course, when does the word of God not humble us. It just really amazed me that it’s been two years and a half since I declared Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and I have experienced like so much changes and fruit in my life. I do believe God isn’t finished with me, and I’m really really glad He isn’t giving up on me. But me on the other hand, I often give up easily. God doesn’t want me to, but reading this verse today – I’ve become more aware of the deep issues I have that I didn’t notice before this year because I was so busy trying to get attention (position, leaders of the church, friends, people and others) and I didn’t focus on the issues that God wanted to work on with me!

I want my faith to grow, and I want to go from faith to faith. I do want to believe without seeing and sometime it’s really not that way. When circumstances come, my focus just shifts to that problem, but it’s a work in progress because God is gently reminding me “look at me”. How many times have I heard “God is bigger than your circumstance” and Im like “I know He is”, but I don’t really know because I don’t really use that mindset. Lord God KNOWS we all have our issues, but I know that all the weaknesses I have will become my greatest strength through Christ Jesus (And this I live – because my weakness in past relationships has become a strength) for the glory of God and to obey him cause he is the wise One ❀

Wow, this is a long post, and a ramble. But blogging is fun and it’s real. It’s transparent and bold. I love Jesus though, and how He loves me so much it doesn’t make sense.
>.< but he’s beautiful and I am thankful he covers me with His wings and he watches me. His mercy touches my heart.

πŸ˜€ It’s a Process


One thought on “This morning…

  1. rolerrol says:

    I have never really thought deeply about that scripture but your insights are quite deep….😁

    But seriously, that is an amazing scripture! Who am I really, comes to mind?

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this verse.


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