No joke, God planned this…

My sister asked me to drop her off at church, which happens to be the previous church I attended. She doesn’t know what I wrote on my blog today and what was on my heart, but God used her. So, I arrived and the moment I walked in I felt peace and love – but also broken. I needed something, something only God knew and I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to ask the Pastor to pray for me… so I walked in and I said hello to everyone who was there including the Pastor. He asked me “How are you” and I said “I’m not sure” which is a weird answer, but inside my soul I had felt like muted or something. Then I just started to cry – just right there I bawled my eyes out. The pastor of my previous church automatically asked if He could pray for me and the words that flowed out of His mouth were bearing witness to my spirit. It’s like it was true, and right. In that prayer, he said “my sister”.This pastor isn’t that young, i’d say he is in his late 40’s – 50’s. It was a simple, quick and humble prayer that shook me and that which was over me left me instantly. I have a feeling I was being oppressed by a demon, and I didn’t even realize it. It was trying to bind me into this “idea” but NO. Cut down! In Jesus name!

I praise the Lord ❤
Because He is amazing


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