I could call this a financial breakthrough….(Miracle)

I went to college for Independent Digital Photography where I was to get a diploma as a  professional photographer. Okay, so I finished my classes a year ago but I couldn’t graduate because I lacked a class, so I had to pay $400 extra, so I did that class. A couple months later I checked my account and said I still have to take another class ontop of that so another $400 dollars to graduate. By faith, I got a “REQUEST TO GRADUATE” letter and sent it to them. I didn’t get any notifications until this year June 28th where it told me about “Convocation” and I was confused because I didn’t get any letter, or invite to go – so I was oblivious to what God did behind the scenes.

Turns out, the extra $400 dollars I had to pay, I no longer have to pay! And I am an official graduate of the Independent Digital Photography program !!!!!

GOD IS AMAZING! I had a financial break through because that money I no longer have to pay, it got cancelled and I am DONE!

I just see it incredible… I thought I wasn’t going to graduate but by Faith – I did! 😀 WITHOUT THAT EXTRA COURSE. According to my timetable I had to take the course to pass college, but they cancelled it out… SERIOUSLY

FO REAL. That doesn’t make sense but God did it and what He does doesn’t make sense! AHA! *dances*

I did miss my convocation (walking across the stage) but it’s okay, I AM A GRADUATE WHETHER I WALK ACROSS OR NOT.

Holy God ❤

This was a MIRACLE.


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