One Reason People Don’t Want to Read the Bible

The bible is God speaking through it, and when God speaks it is truth. When humans read the bible, humans are convicted of their sin. When humans are convicted of their sin, it is God’s Holy Spirit convicting the persons soul or “bearing witness” to their inner self. We can feel the pain of disobedience, shame, embarrassment when the word of God points out our faults. Who said correction would be fun, LOL. But to accept correction from God is wise, because those whom God corrects He loves. (Hebrews 12:6, Proverbs 3:12, Revelation 3:19)

When God corrects us through His word, it is considered love because He knows that the decisions were making at the moment are terrible because it leads to death. A spiritual death which Satan wants, that is his desire.

The bible, pointing out our sins before God (rebuke), makes us realize our uncleanliness, then we either realize it, change the way we think and act (repent) and ask forgiveness OR we realize it and become prideful and try to hide what we’ve done. I say TRY because, humans cannot hide anything from God. He knows our thoughts before we think them, and he knows what we’re going to say before we say it – so might as well admit the truth and allow Him to work in that area where you fall short. He WILL never leave, he is patient. Enduring in Love and Hope!

Remember that you are a sheep in the midst of wolves, many humans who haven’t been in Christ or allowed themselves to surrender will be ruled by other spirits not from Heaven and use them to influence you to do what they want.

God is our protector, our heavenly Father and guardian. He commands His angels to guard us day and night. We belong to the King of Heaven and there is No Greater King in all of existence.

My God is Awesome! May His name be praised!

My brother or sister, join me in this prayer for ourselves and for those who have a hard time admitting their faults to God because of the great shame

God, I want to ask you to forgive me/them. I/They want to be tough but sometime it’s hard. Help me/them Lord, be strong in Me/Them and through me/them. Help me/them to admit my/their sins and change the way I/they think and act. Change me/them Lord. Mould me/them Lord. Renew my/their mind, my heart, my soul. Forgive me/them for (speak out your sins) and make me/them white as snow! I (pray they) receive your forgiveness and know through your Son Jesus I have been washed clean! Thank you for your unending love and compassion for me/them. I (pray they would) want to be closer to you and know you more and more each day! Draw me/them close to you Father, never let me/them go. I (pray they would) want to belong to you forever. Keep me/them and guide me/them King. Lead me/them in the path of Righteousness, do not let me/them fall into the trap of my/their enemy. Guard my/their heart and my mind, help me/them not to stumble. Let me/them become a lover of light and a hater of the darkness. We/They must choose to love the light, yes Lord! Oh Lord, take control. May your Holy Spirit be my/their guide and mentor to teach and guide me/them forever. I/They need you God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I/They need you to correct me/them so I will walk in the right path! Teach me/them to LOVE correction and become wise in my/their decisions. Thank you for being a great Father to me/them! Thank you for protecting me/them and keeping me/us safe from my/our enemy. Your amazing God. Help me/them to remain humble before you and not bear the fruit of pride. Give me/them courage and mercy Lord! Thank you! All this through your Son Jesus, the doorway of my salvation and the way to boldly ask you these things before your throne. Amen


4 thoughts on “One Reason People Don’t Want to Read the Bible

  1. josephbelovedinhiseyes says:

    Informative post and quite true =) Corrections can be painful but I try to remind myself that it’s to help us become more Christ-like, yielding fruits of righteousness. I like to think the Bible as a moral compass pointing toward the true north (Christ). People can choose to go toward either the true north or their own way. Sadly, not everyone can accept the truth =(

    Check out the following verse! Pretty powerful, eh?
    Hebrews 4:12-13 (ESV)
    12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. 13 And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

    • unitedwiththeone says:

      Yes! It is sad, and yes lately I have been reminding myself of that too!! Maybe two or three months ago I wouldn’t even like correction but as of late I’ve realized how beautiful it is to be corrected by God! Especially through his word! 😁 and that bible verse is AMAZING!!!! Wow!!! And so so soo true ! 😮ah! God is so indescrible

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