The idea of “Dating”

In my past, I use to go on dates and quickly enter relationships with males that were non-believers or believers that didn’t act like believers in Christ/ followers. I did have this idea that they were the person I was gunna be with forever but we were selfish. We wanted what we wanted but another persons needs was not relevant. It was selfish.

Dating just because you want to be emotionally satisfied is ridiculous, and selfish. I can’t do it. I did that before and as I am learning to be filled with God’s love, I am starting to realize how unreal it is to date someone just to find out who they are with kissing and all the stuff that is apart of being a couple in marriage…

In the end, you get emotionally bound with that person and it’s difficult to end it. But when it does end, is because there was never real commitment in the first place. It was just a test, but never real love because as it says in 1 Corinthians 13:7 “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” If ya can’t do that with someone yet, no point.

You see, I rather save the other person pain and myself pain. Yes, if I get myself in a mess I know God will be there to get me out of the mud I fell into. When I realize I did that, and realize I ran back to the mud after God just cleaned me you realize that the reality of your actions are silly. It’s like it says in God’s word how the dog goes back to it’s vomit. It’s sad.

Need to learn to let the bad thing out, and flush it down the toilet and not eat from the same garbage again. This happen because of lack of wisdom – we can’t see that issue, blind to it.

It is just a horrible experience to be with someone for so long and it ends because we weren’t happy with them. Or they were not happy with you. We wish things would be like sun clouds and joy but it isn’t. Not in the worldly attitude anyway.

With God, waiting is hard but at least God will never leave. At least God will never disappoint. He will never give up on helping you grow into the person He wants you to be. He won’t give up on ya. That is something I LOVE about Him, and it brings me to tears because I’m not easy to deal with. I have wrong attitudes, and emotions but the Lord is always there.

One time, I was sleeping and the Lord woke me up to tell me “I understand what it’s like to feel forgotten” and that’s what I felt. I felt like this person forgot about me and just decided to never speak to me and God said that to me. Then he said “Remember, when I was going to the cross no one was there. My disciples scattered, I was alone.” and he comforted me that way. He reminded me that not to pity himself, but to say genuinely in comforting me “I understand your feelings right now but it’s okay.”

I just want Jesus and our Father God and the Holy Spirit’s comfort and everything else He does !


2 thoughts on “The idea of “Dating”

    • unitedwiththeone says:

      Oh my goodness, he really is !!!! He is so amazing, I really needed His comfort and its amazing that he still doesn’t expect anything back in return but The Lord is extremely merciful and kind

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