Dream Title: Wrist Miracle – June 5th 2015

I had a crazy dream where I was surrounded by all these people and there was a woman who had lost her arm from her elbow and up. At first I didnt notice she was in that condition but then I saw that she was in need and in this dream I was in my apartment and I saw that everyone was talking and demons came out cause we saw black shadows and we were all praying and then I saw this woman’s arm and I just went to go pray for her arm and no one was paying attention and I saw myself say “In the name of Jesus arm Grow out” and then I saw her arm MOVE and I saw her arm shifting and growing and I saw an antenna grow out and it went back in and then it was forming and then I saw another antenna and then I realized I was IN THE SPIRIT cause I was not looking anywhere else, just her. I wasn’t distracted. Then I fell to my knees and was freaking out and knowing God is HOLY I was just praising him and then I saw that this process stopped and her arm was still without the fingers and stuff. I looked up and after a while the woman turned her body and her arm swung and she showed everybody her hand and she had ALL her fingers back… Her arm was normal like the other one !!! I was on the floor praising Jesus. On the floor. Kneeled cause it was SOOO beautiful and she was amazed and I was amazed and we hugged each other and freaks out together. She was crying, I was amazed… In Awe of God cause He did it !!!!!!! Snap! Then I woke up.


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