He Never Left Me

You never left
You never forgot about me
You never left me alone, you were always there.
You were always comforting me, giving me good grass to eat
My heart explodes in wonder because you never left me.
I felt knocked down, and hurt like a lamb who was pushed down or a child who was pushed down and badly scraped and bummed out, but you always picked me up.
As a sheep, I needed you to help me get up.
I needed your help and you always helped me.
You never left me on the floor, you always came for me.
I am so happy, now.
You changed everything!
You made everything new.
You made everything right again.
Cause all I need is You.
All I need is You.
You ARE my hearts desire;
and I am so happy I can say that.
I have surrendered my desires when you called me and reached out your hands when I was on the floor weeping.
You said “My dear” and reached out to me and I reached out to you and cried even harder because I knew it was time.
It was time to leave my old ways behind, it was time to say bye.
It was time to stop wondering, and time to start trusting.
It was time to believe and not reason.
It was time to hope in the unseen.
I didn’t have to know why anymore, cause God knows why and I trust His reason.
I have nothing to fear anymore, except staying away from the Lord.
He never left, he was always there.

When I was going through my emotions – which have no hold on me in Christ.
The unseen enemies in my life are nothing compared to God.
Who, happens to be my Father.
The One who adopted me into His family
Cause I believe in His son Jesus and know in my heart that He rose from the dead
and He’s coming back to do what He needs to do.


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