Commitment Ring

So, I saw these christian girls putting a ring on their ring finger, or engagement fingers. They aren’t for marriage or engagement for a guy but it’s like a reminder for them and the Lord. It’s cute! I thought that idea was adorable and I have been wanting to find a ring like that too, so I can have my commitment ring as well.

Generally, I’m not someone who wears makeup or earrings and stuff, I’m actually really simple. Like, really!

I know God saw or heard my thoughts about this ring just now and he said “You don’t need to buy a ring, I know your commitment with me”

and I just fell in love with the Lord! I really did!
I just thanked him! Honestly! It made me happy within, like seriously…
Because he didn’t expect me to be like anyone else, or to buy this ring to prove that I’m His. He loves us – because He wants to.

What a poet He’s like a gentle butterfly that lands on you.
Sweet like honey and soothing
Passionate like a blazing fire, I find that romantic… in the purest way my friends!
He is a PURE Lord and he is LIFE – the air I breathe comes from Him! Oh my,
To think the Lord Jesus, who passionately loves us- let’s me BREATHE today because he Loves me. Because my breathe and life is a gift from the Lord of Heaven

Holy too!


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