Hearing The Music of the Gospel // pg 9

In what sense does this passage offer good news? Like Israel, we also are tempted. And like Israel, we also fail. We fail all the time, as a matter of fact. And so we need someone who can live a perfect life on our behalf. The great news of the gospel is that Jesus has done that. In this passage, therefore, Jesus is not primarily our example, showing us how to face temptation. He is our hero, who lived in perfect obedience and who credits us with his righteousness. In a sermon on this passage, Jason Gibson sums this point up well: If Jesus had failed in the desert we could not have been put right with God, for there would have been no perfect sacrifice to take away sin forever, and no perfect life to be credited to our account. In the Gospel God treats Jesus as if He had failed and treats us as if we had never failed. In the Gospel Jesus is punished as if He had disobeyed God, and we are declared to be perfect as if we had never disobeyed God! Matthew’s Gospel is about just that—the Gospel! Which is about Jesus, God’s final obedient Son. The wait for an obedient son is over. He has arrived. Jesus is the new and better Adam, the true Israel who has defeated the devil and won back for rebels the paradise lost. And this is the Gospel that is available to all of us who admit our weakness and inability to overcome Satan, and trust in what Jesus has done for us on our behalf.4


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