Dream Title: Murdered Priests – 04/17/15

Okay so what I remember was I was watching these men in a rush to do something and find these men. I was watching them but I wasn’t visible. I saw that these two other men were running away from these other men that were rushing to do something. I know that these men that were rushing to do something were arabic. These men were looking for these other two men to join their team, but these two other men were hiding from the arabs because they wanted to know what they were doing before joining the group. I saw these men were hiding behind big blocks and watching to see what the arabs were doing. So then, I heard these men who were hiding talk about going to the arabs’ hideout but the entrance was invisible. The men said that there was a certain way to open the door but he forgot, so he was watching the arab to see how he could open the door and the man went to a bush and set it on fire of something and that was how you open the door… so this man did it. He took a bunch of bush and set it on fire and the invisible “portal” opened and we entered into this place where the arabs were having their meetings. The men I was watching (who were hiding) were now invisible too and we were watching what the arabs were doing and I saw this whole frame (like grad pics) and they were all priests! Then I saw the arabs arrived to this place they were meeting and they opened this closet and I saw these priests that were murdered and slaughtered! They were handing on meat hooks inside a closet…. and this man went up to the dead priest and held his face and just smirked and laughed at the dead man and it was awful and then one after the other, they were pulling out the men one by one and they were falling on top of each other. There was two closets, they were like walk in closets but very thin, basically thin and high enough to keep bodies hanging there like clothes in a line. It was awful… and they were not rotted, it was fresh. I saw the blood on the second man and I woke up.

I had no IDEA what this dream meant, but I recently went to a Reverends home and he studies a lot about the end time, he is a CEO of helping Jewish people move safely to new countries and basically get out of the war areas and stuff and I told him and his wife about this dream I had and he said to me that many times the popes have been murdered, and this current pope francis has declared that he might be murdered which I didn’t even know about, and is crazy and then it’s in the news that arabs and the pope or vatican are getting close… and that’s just insane! I want to research this and see if this is legit, because this would be a straight up prophetic dream / warning.

Those men who wanted to make sure what they were getting into were wise, cause they didn’t want to join something blindly. When they saw what it was, they were horrified.


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