Changes… in the soul, mind, and heart

I have a issue. It’s private

But what I can say is that, I’m on my way to recovery.
I realized that even if a guy accidentally touches me, I twitch.
I honestly need to be delivered in this area of my life…
I don’t believe many men these days have good intentions or thoughts
Prove me wrong… I want to see this.
A man who isn’t trying to seduce me with sweet words or touches on my skin with his lips or hands.
A man who has the guts to say no to himself, as much as he wants it – he’ll wait and Ask My Father (whom is God) to be part of my life.
I just can’t play this immature play anymore of drama.
No mas. No more.
But I need deliverance…. I need hope in this small little point in my life.

Pray for me brothers & sisters for me to believe MORE than I do now that it’s possible.

I know this is my problem, but it’s true I am not suppose to be basically fearful of this “idea”

I shall abandon it! AMEN.
In Jesus name


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