When God writes your love story // A Look Inside Your Heart pg 230

1. What are the dangers of making relationship decisions without the benefit of outside perspective?

Like it says in Proverbs 11:14 “Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”

We do need others to help us in prayer and accountability during relationships.
We can’t try to do things on our own, we need You of course Holy Spirit and the people around us to give us feedback – also to help us while telling us not what we want to hear! Like it said in the story: this guy wanted to prove that he could hear from God and he only did what you said and did not ask for anyone else’s help. Cause he wanted to prove to everyone he could do everything on his own. In the end it was a mess, and his approach didn’t work out. He missed the opportunity and God doesn’t want that.

So, its better to get wisdom from parents who fear God to pray for you and help you. And also asking people who truly fear the Lord and love you and want the best for you to pray for you and your future husband.

Ask God to show you who to be accountable with and team up with and who will know who this person is at the right time.

2. Are you willing to invite teammates to provide wise and godly counsel regarding your love life? If not, what concerns are you holding back? What, if anything, do you need to invite God to change about your attitude toward having godly counsellors.

I am willing – I’ve invited my mom and dad. They always knew ‘this isn’t the one’

My sister knew “not this one. not him… etc etc”

I didn’t have a choice to have a Mentor – I just received one.
I submitted to the system, even if I didn’t want it or knew what it was.
Someone had authority over me now…. a person I didn’t even know.
I had to tell her the truth in areas of my life – God already exposed the sexual side of me the first time this Mentor was used to deliver me. I remember “NO MORE SEX” and I’ve never had sex, but I was always at the peak of giving it away. That was crazy cause I had been single for a couple a months and then the Holy Spirit said that out loud and I was freed. I thought cause I was single, I wouldn’t do that again but reality is – if I were to be in a relationship again, in that time, I would seduce a guy to be mine and give him what he wants so he could be happy with me. The reality is, that the guy wasn’t only after that he was after my heart. Anyway, I got delivered and free from that seductive spirit. PRAISE TO JESUS – thank YOU LORD. I really gotta say Thank You to God for placing a good and holy Mentor to really tell me the truth and say No Jocy. I didn’t even know how much I needed that till I realized what I did. I did so much silly things that tore  guys’ souls… their hearts and even their minds. But, now I will wait and learn to be different through Jesus teaching me and His love touching my heart & soul daily while renewing my thoughts and actions and attitude towards many things!

3. Are you open to having your parents be your teammates? Why or why not

I use to not be, but now I am cause my dad fears the Lord and I know now he will actually love me & bless me and pour wisdom over me. And he will have discernment to know the person God has for me. My mom always tells me to find a man who will provide and not waste his money on stuff so easily. She prays privately though but I won’t be finding the guy, I will wait and live my single life with my Heavenly Father and do what He wants me to do and I believe one day if it is the will of God that I marry – I will meet this surely handsome prince and knight and son of God. (by then the Lord will know I’m ready and I hope I know too XD)

4. If your parents are unable to fill this role, who else in your life could serve in their place?

My Pastors, some of the Ministers, Mentor (I don’t wanna admit I really do need one in my life… v.v *sigh but I do.) and close friends whom the Lord has shown me will know His voice and tell me what I don’t want to hear.


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