His protection is not something…

His protection is not something to resent but to rejoice in! How God’s heart must break when, because of our foolishness, we miss the beautiful things He has planned.

P.177 ” When God writes your love story”

Thank you Lord for protecting me. You know the desires I’ve had to be with someone, but you’ve seen me hold back   and You’ve seen I’ve instantly been reminded by you that You Are Everything I Need, and You Are More Than Enough and I remember the times when I was alone but you were with me and I just think to myself this guy who I’m thinking about probably isn’t (which is good actually cause Hes focused on you Lord) or ever will see me that way (which could be a self esteem issue that so far I feel ugly at my church. The only way a man would see me “beautiful” is if I wear something nice and put makeup on and dress super dolled up. If I’m not this way I’m not beautiful. So, I’ve felt so left out in the house of God. I would dress up to impress someone – so a man would notice me. But you know what!!!! Forget it. I’m single, I do think of a person but the Lord has me on Trust so I’m hooked on it and death to self so that’s something too. He has been pouring His beautiful honey sweetness over my life so tenderly – grace 💗

Which is like honeycomb sweetness 🙂

No one is like Jesus – he is the ONLY one knows reality of who you are and what you really need and quenches your thirst for love that is supremely peaceful and graceful.

Who needs more than that?

Well we’re humans. We feel that desire because its FOR Jesus 💗 All our love is FOR JESUS! The desire we want to give for a man, was not made for him but for Jesus!

The love Jesus gives to us is so we can love him back 🙂 back and forth – not cause you have to but because you LOVE TOO 💗:)☺

And okay, I just realized its long now so.. Love you all!



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