I’ve been sick since Thursday, and today smells like a winter morning but unusual at the same time.

Usually on Sundays I’m up and ready to go to church, where I then sit in the same spot or area or go straight to the media (where I serve in the church). I guess I got use to going to a place called church, but now that I think of it – We are the church

A building is not the church, the people make the church and Christ is the Head of it.

Me being at home today when my usual routine is to go to the building and usually follow what everyone else does(you know.. The dancing, clapping, jumping, spinning in circles thing?) Sometime I really don’t want to do it – not because I am sad or something, its because I don’t need to. I know they wanna motivate the people to set a fire and its not spiritual enough if we’re all not going nuts in the place – but how would it be if the WHOLE congregation was just quiet for five minutes. Those who came would wonder why? Perhaps they’d join, or maybe they wouldn’t. God would know it! A moment to speak or listen to the Holy Spirit speak, or let you feel or clear your thoughts and cast away darts properly instead of letting them slip by because were so distracted with music.

Forgive me if I am upsetting you, but seems like we’ve gotten a bit religious.

Well I know I did, but, I didn’t even realize it until recently.

I guess people could say “you still don’t know how to submit to authority” because not everything they say is something I want to submit to. Why? Because I don’t want to disobey God. If your leader tells you to “pretend he/she don’t exist because he/she committed a great sin” what are you going to do? What does Jesus say about this?

Jesus said “those who are without sin, cast the first stone” and no one threw the stones because everyone Has sinned. I can’t throw a stone, because I have also sinned and make mistakes daily. So, what would I do? I would forgive the person, I would love the person, and gently teach them the truth of their actions, but I wouldnt be like “cut”. How about the leader? Forgive them to and gently do the same. Because Hey, we all fall short. The point is, being obedient to Christ is being obedient to His leading of the Holy Spirit and His word. If you just had those two things, and of course the people around you – I think wed see less buildings and more workers.

Everything Jesus did was in Love, Everything he said was in love. Correction was in love, authority as well.

No one is greater than God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


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