Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Today I was beside my dad and he just hugged me and said “everything is gunna be okay” and then he began to read me bible verses about Jacob and how “where I stand is on Holy Ground” and it was lovely – while I was there I thought about the idea of being fearfully and wonderfully made and the reason being is that my friend sent me a video of Paula White preaching and she mentioned this and she stated “fearfully means reverently made”. When I heard that it caught me but I am just writing about it now on Jan 8th, 2014. 12:29am.

I saw angels building me, making my nose saying “let’s make her unique” and then my eyes and my legs and my hips and my stomach and my cheeks and even my fingerprints.

Nothing about me is by accident. He made me perfect – I look beautiful to him. More than precious, blessed – beyond beautiful.

He made me in reverence, making sure everything is exactly what he saw me do. Perfect! 💗


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