Don’t Fear Sin, Let Sin Fear the Holy Spirit in You

Today as I was resting, something within me began to feel unsettled. I was gonna pull up my pants and then I said “no” cause my innerself felt as if she would sin like she did before in the past. Reminded me of when I innaproriately touched myself to feel pleasure – girl I was in Sin. Today the Holy Spirit told me to NOT be afraid of SIN cause the Sin is freaked out by the Holy Spirit in you.

You realize that really, this body is not yours anymore but Jesus’ temple. I have not told anyone this but its the truth. I no longer do that anymore, I have been clean for almost 2 years ! Almost because its officially 2 years on February 26th. It would also mean I’ve been single for two years now and although my deep desire would want a man in shiny armour – I will press forward knowing I’m seeking His Kingdom and not my own fame.

Another point is the “Holier Than Thou” attitude that is really everywhere. We boast about how unsinful we are and forget that we are so arrogant to others in our speech and even the way we look at others and feel and think inside us. You feel disgusted? Imagine what Father God feels when he knows we ALL fall short of the glory of God. We all confuse each other, we hit each other with our words, we hate one another, we backstab each other, we really dislike one another most of the time, we want what someone else has, we are envious and we can really be irritated by many but Jesus has abundant love and mercy on Each person! We are nothing without the Holy Spirit, nothing without Jesus, nothing without God!

He is Greater! I am less!
He makes ALL things NEW
Thank You Heavenly Father, Jesus (for dying -if not I would be in not with you…) And Holy Spirit for being my friend and teaching me wise things 💖


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