Letting God Write Your Love Story – A Look inside Your Heart II

1. What evidence have you personally seen that emotional flings do not adequately prepare a person for marriage? Why do you think so many people pursue short-lived romantic relationships?

a: emotions are not stable, one day it’s awesome and depending on how you feel about a situation it’s terrible or off. Just like that your relationship could end because your unstable. If you want to stay with someone, your emotions are not able to do that for you. Marriage is a commitment where you need stability – you must know that. To be stable you need to have stable emotions, stable mind, stable! So you wouldn’t waver or doubt with “what ifs” etc.

b:  I think many people pursue short-lived romantic relationships cause they don’t have anyone else around them who admires them like another person does. They wanna love fast. They wanna feel loved. They haven’t experienced God’s Grace, so they wanna fill it another way. Desperate.

2. How would you describe the difference between passion & love?

Passion is what moves you, motivates you and is at the peak..Passion also comes and goes so you can’t rely on it.
Love is a choice: just like Jesus chose to die for Us and God sent His son to die for us… He chose it for Us. SO we choose to love fully!

3. In what ways have you put your heart at risk? In the future how can you guard your physical and emotional purity?

I would see who I find a “WOW” and he is able to have it! I allow randoms into my heart so they can unknowingly break me. I know it’s not them, it’s me. So to this day, the things I do to guard my physical purity is remained single for 2 years and get delivered from sexual sin, lustful thoughts 2 years ago.. the things I do to guard myself from emotional purity is remembering that I have a God who knows all of me, knows what I think and feel – I honestly respect God so I don’t want to hurt Him by tryna mess with His children! Also, I remember that I have a Heavenly Father who is jealous for my heart and what it worships!! I also know that Jesus looks at me in wonder with so much love! His love is better than life!

4. What are some practical ways you can begin loving your future spouse all the days of your life, starting right now?

Every moment I act, I will remember “what if he saw me now, and knew what I was thinking. Would he approve? Would he feel happy or sad. Would I do Him good in honouring him in loyalty or not.”


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