When God Writes your Love Story – Get a Love Life // Q&A

I have decided to answer these questions on my blog because that’s what it’s here for.

1. What are some ways you hope your future spouse is being faithful to you now , before you ever meet?

Oh gosh!

I hope he realizes I’m alive.
I hope he is seeking Jesus
I hope he desires to stay pure not only physically but in his mind.
I hope he will be willing to trust Jesus with His Ministry
I hope he doesn’t go for the first cute girl he sees, but really understands that God is refining us in the fire so at the right time he will let us meet!
I hope he doesn’t listen to the flesh but to the Spirit !
I hope he isn’t with another girl kissing her , but if he is I hope he realizes I’m alive LOL. Still will love him and forgive him…

2. If your future spouse could see your interaction with the opposite sex, or even read your thoughts, would he or she feel loved and cherished or hurt and jealous? Explain your answer.

First of all, I don’t talk to the opposite sex often. If a guy messages me (which is rare) I would be kind to them and say “bro” cause they are my brothers. They would see I would be attracted to them but know that my thoughts and actions show I am reserved for him and that I fear God. They would see that I wonder ALOT. I wonder who the guy could be, who my future husband is! He would also see that if I think it’s that person i fall to fast and am not stable right now to love someone if I am always changing my heart from person to person so i could see their life… know them until they have no interest in me where i then start crying cause even before i met them i invested so much time getting to know who they are REALLY. what they like, where they go, how they speak, what they do, habits they have, to really know someone takes time but i see easily the things people do instantly. Anyway, i think he’d be cherished at first because I fear God but then waiting to see the next part – he would be hurt or upset cause I have trust issues and keep thinking bout someone else & not him… he’d def be upset about that! :S

3. What changes in behaviour would help you stop fuelling sexual temptation in your life?

I am free ! I have not had sexual temptations for 2 years thanks be to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for deliverance! Hallelujah! TO THE LORD.

4. In what specific ways can you begin to love and cherish your future spouse right now?

Definitely start by Trusting God because He already knows who he is and when he’s gunna come in the dance between me and my Heavenly Father God.

Putting my Focus on God instead of men (who are not for me but another)

trusting that Ill meet God someday

Work on my ability to stay focused and happy and peaceful in all situations with the complete help of Jesus!
Fix my attitudes so he won’t be stressed with me.
Learn to die to my flesh so I will learn to honor Him totally!
Learn to be a ONE MAN – WOMAN (wait without wondering who He is)
SURPRISES are His specialty – Jesus in my life…<3

so, stay single, love God, don’t cry for silly things like other guys because you have a God who knows all your life story… sing, enjoy my life, honour God, love Him, respect my Lord, reject sin, repent, love so much it blows people away, rebuke all evil, stay alive, aware in spirit, move, depend on God, help, listen, live day by day, enjoy your life!!!!!!


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