Dont Criticize Others – Ecuador 2014

Today I was in the washroom and the Holy Spirit just showed me a bible verse and it was about giving our ways for His ways and giving our thoughts to him. Well, the bible verse is “Your ways are not my ways and your thoughts are not my thoughts” but I was thinking about how when we give our lives to Jesus we give him our ways and our thoughts.

I can think, but I have weary temporary ideas while God has everlasting ideas.

I had to give up my thought for His to come in. All my thoughts, to Him so that His can fill my mind forever.

…And you know every place has it´s own way of life. It´s man made ideas, rituals etc. How you eat with a spoon so neatly is proper to a rich society but the poor eat with a spoon and hands. I could be at a fancy place and eat like a hooligan and be seen as “disgusting” or “improper” or “badly raised” and then go to a poor place and eat non proper and it´s normal.

God says in His word in

Romans 14 (ERV)

Don’t Criticize Others

14 Be willing to accept those who still have doubts about what believers can do. And don’t argue with them about their different ideas. Some people believe they can eat any kind of food, but those who have doubts eat only vegetables. Those who know they can eat any kind of food must not feel that they are better than those who eat only vegetables. And those who eat only vegetables must not decide that those who eat all foods are wrong. God has accepted them. You cannot judge the servants of someone else. Their own master decides if they are doing right or wrong. And the Lord’s servants will be right, because the Lord is able to make them right.

Don´t disrespect someone cause you think you are better than they are, to each his own.


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