Our Fight Against Sin

Romans 7:7-13 (ERV)

Our Fight Against Sin

You might think I am saying that sin and the law are the same. That is not true. But the law was the only way I could learn what sin means. I would never have known it is wrong to want something that is not mine. But the law said, “You must not want what belongs to someone else.”

And sin found a way to use that command and make me want all kinds of things that weren’t mine. So sin came to me because of the command. But without the law, sin has no power.

Before I knew the law, I was alive. But when I heard the law’s command, sin began to live,

10 and I died spiritually. The command was meant to bring life, but for me it brought death.

11 Sin found a way to fool me by using the command to make me die.

12 Now the law is holy, and the command is holy and right and good.

13 Does this mean that something that is good brought death to me? No, it was sin that used the good command to bring me death. This shows how terrible sin really is. It can use a good command to produce a result that shows sin at its very worst.


You have no idea how mind blown I am when I read this today.  Mind. Blown. the Lord is HOLY. Clearly! I mean, everything He does is so Holy! 🙂 I am incredibly amazed and just in awe of my Creator. Just wow.

Holy Lord. So, Sin is imbedded into all humans since the fall of Adam… we all have this evil Sin working through us but we don’t know until we read the word of God and it shows us “You will not steal” and then Sin wakes up and says “I wanna steal everything now!” and rebels against the Lord! So when we Accept Jesus as Lord, we have power over Sin because He has power over Sin and by Grace it changes everything because forgiveness subdues Sin in such an incredible way! Grace is love!

Sin is our battle. OUR FIGHT is AGAINST SIN. Against our sinful nature – against rebellion. Like… You fight self to honour the Lord! Honestly- the flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing! Sin rebels against God’s holiness! That is why God is HOLY as well and he is RIGHT. Sin is always evil and will not be right with the Lord – wow! We need Jesus for that reason – to cleanse us from Sin and get HIS DNA. Not the worldly dna of sin.

WOW! you are Holy LORD, Forever and ever Amen! 🙂


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