The Swiffer vs The Mop


As I was mopping preparing to mop today – I will be transparent with you that I didn’t really want to do it. I didn’t want to because it takes effort and time to get the bucket, add the water, add the soap, let it soak for a while so the soap mixes with the water, get the mop and put the mop in the bucket, squeeze the water out and finally see the floor become wet by the mop. And while I was mopping, I remembered something my mom would say… “The floors always smell better when you mop.” So, then the Lord had revealed to me topics about the mop and the swiffer. Sounds pretty random right? Well, let me tell you – it is!
These are topics the Lord showed me: The swiffer life (the easy life) vs The Mop ( the put an effort life) AND The swiffer life (easy fix to your problems) vs The Mop (the deep cleaning and process of cleansing to your problems). 

The ‘Easy Life’ and the ‘Put an Effort Life’

I want to say that we live in a generation where the swifter life (the easy life) is handed to us cause our parents work their butts off so we could be happier. Their life was a mop life (the put an effort life) where they came from their countries, left all they had there to have a better life and if it wasn’t for that choice we’d have a different life.

The point of all this is that their example is needed for our lives too. We have it easy, we live in a place where there is so much freedom and so many more opportunities then they ever had back home. Even if they lived here their whole lives here, it was still different back then than it is now. We need to honour our parents for what they have done. They work hard so you can have an easy life or a better one, but now it’s your turn to put an effort into your life so your own children will honour you too. No, it’s not bad to want your own children to honour you as an awesome mom or dad! You don’t want your child to rebel against you or misbehave ( but if that is the case, be there for them and love them no matter what. Pray for them and yourself.)

The swiffer life benefits you, while the mop life benefits you and others now and for the future.

Dealing with Problems

Now sometime we do the whole swiffer thing with our own problems, swiffers only touch the surface and brush off dirt very lightly, it doesn’t even smell like anything really… but when we mop, we take time to prepare (which is the process of being cleansed) and when we finally mop it takes off all the dirt, all the stains on the floor, because it’s heavier and get’s into the cracks a swiffer can’t reach. Yes, it may take more time but the outcome is better than the quick fix of hiding your problems under a rug and never really Dealing with them like a mop does. Sometime our lives are like swiffers, it’s easy and only touches the surface but never goes deeper than the surface. You see, now a day, we want things easy and when we have a situation we brush it off and wipe off the dust and don’t actually deal with the problems we have. We just put it off for a while and then the situation comes again and we haven’t dealt with the problem. This is a problem!!! We need to deal with our selves and allow the Holy Spirit to help us do that!

Now as for a mop, it takes effort to get everything prepared and in the end you have an awesome smelling, clean floor. Your effort really payed off. The stains on the floor came off! And it shines !

In my life, it’s been a process of cleansing and I won’t be fully cleansed until I am with the Lord but till then this process goes on and on. Right now, the mop in my life is Jesus Christ. He is filled with water, he reaches the floor and bam! Impact. Then he washes off our dirtiness, takes the dirtiness on himself, goes back into the water and we are washed by His sacrifice of taking our dirtiness for us. This is like the death of Jesus… he takes away our sins, our shame, our dirtiness by His death and because he is Holy. He dies, and rises again! All death, all sin is destroyed through Christ alone and when we accept Jesus as our saviour and ask forgiveness every time we sin we are washed clean by His blood. We are cleansed by His power and He is our cleanser. His sacrifice makes us dirty humans become clean ones because what God sees is not our dirty selves but Jesus’ clean self in us. That is powerful and awesome!

Don’t give up.

Jesus loves you and he protects you 🙂


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