God is supportive

I have to say much about the Grace of God through Jesus Christ! He never leaves you in the middle of something! He always has your back when you are walking in his path! I have learned recently that God really has plans for your life. It is actually crazy awesome!

Thing is, sometime we walk hoping that God will pull through and that is what faith is! That we hope for the unseen! We hope that He will make a way…

Yesterday I received a beautiful word through the Apostle at the church I attend by the Holy Spirit and when I heard it I won’t deny it was dissapointing to me because I had this plan that I was moving to a ministry in the church and wishin for the confirmation that Yes! I will be up there someday…. And then all I heard was what I didn’t wanna hear and it sounds really bad that what I was told is a total blessing!!! Why would someone be dissapointed for a blessing? When you hear that God is gunna provide for you and everything you worked for is gunna pay off through The grace of God through Jesus!!!!

I know this sounds extremely unthankful, but after I got my mind all sorted out I realized that these were the blessings in my life at the moment. For some reason I have to go through this training! For some reason I needed to be with others to share Jesus love – by example and not just words.

Today I was blessed because I had a meeting today and I was chosen to present myself to a class at an art school about my photography business!!! You know how crazy awesome that is, that that door would even open! I am extremely amazed!!!

I spoke for an hour!!!! That was incredible!!! And finished right on time!!!
So, when I thought in my own world with my own way and religious mind I’d be only serving at church and I would only be there is a deception! Today the Lord used me to show the gr.11 students that compassion, care, love and mercy is important in a business!!!

I am truly blessed and I thank the Lord for this opportunity to speak and share what you’ve taught me! 🙂


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