Yo Hamete

I had learned this random word today.. It was so supernatural – I knew it was the Holy Spirit. So I searched up what “Yo Hamete” means…. 

“Yo” means “I” in spanish.  
“Hamete” or “ハメ手” is Japanese for “Saddle Hand” 

I Saddle Hand…

What the heck?

So, I searched up “Saddle Hand” on google images cause I am a visual learner and I saw that it was a person who sews a saddle (which is placed on a horse).

As you can see, I had no idea why God was telling me this. So I asked him… 

What are you trying to show me Lord?

He revealed to me in my heart that just like leather placed together is thick and the needle that sews it together has to be pierced through the thickness, is the same way God works on a heart that is burdened with so many issues and gone through many problems. God is saying he can fix anything, sew it back together and make it new, sturdy and safe. He will mend you back together, He will pierce your heart, to cause you to repent and fall to your knees and worship Him. He will !

No man can cause a man to worship God unless it is God himself manifested through that person. 

And just like that, when that part of your life is fixed you can get on with your life and go forward.

In order to ride the horse, you need a saddle… that is a step before you get on the horse and ride it and go for a ride or even for battle against an enemy.

// Remember, this walk is not an easy one. Jesus said that there will be problems, but to take heart (courage) cause He has overcome the world. So trust God, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit to do an incredible work in you, to grow you and use you in His own way. Let him… And you will see that Master saddle hands result. //

God bless you, friends.




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