Be Real

Many times this topic came up and it’s called “Be Real”.

I find that this is one of the most hardest things to do as a human. Why? Because we all naturally want to be accepted somewhere in the world. However it is, we want, desire and seek approval not from God but man. We desperately desire our moms and dads to approve of us -and yes it is very important that a parent treats their children well, with the love of Christ – but at the same time whether a parent or a child we need to know that we are loved by God.

So, where does being real fit in…


Sometime as a Christian we go to church and are one way and we go home and are a totally different way. I use to be this way, and sometime or often still am.

I have learned that our first Ministry is our family.

So, you go to church and act all holy, (meaning you raise your hands, worship God, pray, sing, you cast out demons..) you do all things in the bible but when you get home to your family who could be not whole and some non believers you hurt them, get angry with them, reject them, and everything that is opposite the bible.

You wonder why they arent coming to Jesus? You are their only example. You are the one showing them who Jesus is. If they cant see it from you, who will they see it from?

Remember that the God, of Heaven and Earth. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can SEE you always. He can look at you because He is very Alive.

When you feel bad, or you hear a small voice that says ‘you shouldn’t have said that, done that’ etc then you will know that Holy Spirit is telling you something.. he is warning you out of love that to Him (God), it wasnt pleasing to Him that you hurt your brother cause you still worry that he will be like that and you put a defense and push people away… kay, God gets deep. He knows the deepest Intentions as to why you did the things you did, why you felt bad when they said that.

Being real is being transparent that you dont have everything all together and you arnt perfect. You know its nice to hear that I am not the only one going through stuff here. Its nice to know that you are messing up and God had a plan of victory for you. No, I dont rejoice over your failures but I am just happy you are not ashamed of how God is working in you to take out the trash. I find that powerful and so encouraging!

That is what bein real is.

Not hiding who you really are.

But people are gunna judge me!! Especially in church, especially there cause I dont like myself when I do this or that. I get angry and hate so many things but God knows that. Jesus knows and he will help and guide you into total restoration.. You just have to trust him.


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