My King

My King is not of this world.
My King is the definition of love.
My King has an everlasting patience.
My King is someone I can brag about.
My King is Holy.
My King is Righteous.
My King has never lost a battle.
My King has ultimate power.
My King has a Kingdom that is unseen.
My King is pure.
My King is Holy.
My King is compassionate.
My King is good.
My King has a large Kingdom.
My King has a Bride!
My King is a Sheppard.
My King is a Master.
My King is a Leader of all Leaders.
My King is Lord of Lords.
My King is Alpha and Omega.
My King created the universe.
My King is Creative
My King is Detailed
My King is Mighty

My King came from His unseen Kingdom, to our visible earth because he saw the need man had for freedom. My King knew that we couldn’t fulfill things under the old law He made through man, so he came himself and went through the whole process of living a life like us ( being born, a childhood, having parents, listening to his parents, having fun, becoming a wood worker, eating, laughing, seeing the world and it’s wounds, having fellowship with people…) but there was something different about Him…

My King had an unnatural birth which was being born from a Virgin.
(A virgin who’s never had intercourse)

My King had wisdom beyond his years, and he was drawn to the temple of worship.
(The leaders did not know why He was so wise about God’s word!)

My King comes from an unseen world.

My King healed the sick, cast out demons, healed the brokenhearted.
My King cares for the needs of others.

So My King was sent by His Father God, to be the perfect sacrifice so we could be free from the invisible chains, bondages, jail cells, oppressions, that comes from the Opposing Kingdom which is the Kingdom of Satan… Kingdom of Darkness. He came to die for every single one of us – back then to now and even the future. He came to restore us to His Father…

So My King was ridiculed, mocked, stabbed, beaten, whipped with leather and iron claws, and then put on a cross which is the most lowest way you could die in the history of the world.

My King still loved people even hanging on the cross and He cried out “Forgive them, for they know Not what they do”

My King, the King of Kings, knew what was to come… and He went willingly.

My King, died for 3 days. In that time, he battled with the Kingdom of Darkness, Won, and Has the Keys of Death.

My King, died for my soul, your soul. Something unseen but incredibly important to Him.

My King, went through all that just for you and me.

Have you ever known a King like that? Many Kings enjoy their splendour and riches – but my King had no place to lie his head.

My King is Jesus.

The one I worship.
The one I adore.
The One true God.
The triune God.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit – ONE.


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