Who Am I?

Hi everyone, my name is Jocelyn. I am a daughter/child of God. I am a random, relaxed, calm and enthusiastic person normally. I am a Bible believing Christian that adores the word of God and worshiping Him. I genuinely love to Worship and Praise God! I have such a passion for souls that are bound to sin, have mind problems and battles, and have gone through parental abuse, depression, suicide, bullying, lack of a father figure, self esteem issues, inner healing to summarize it. There is a lot more to that list but I am still figuring stuff out.

I am passionate about many things the Lord calls me to do, it comes naturally for me.. except when I have become lazy and I need to push myself even more!

Remember though, there are different seasons in your life where God molds your Charachter and attitude towards life! (Which I find incredible and hard most times – but worth it)

Anyway, I am also Canadian! I was born in Toronto and I love it. My parents were born in Ecuador and I find that God has changed everything about them. He has done it all! (That’s another post)

I am also a photographer!
I am a stylized natural light portrait photographer!

I love doing fashion type shoots for the general public, for the teen down the street etc! We all are beautiful in our own way! And I was to show that! 🙂

I cant say I have no flaws because that would be a big lie, so I will write that another day. For now, postives!

God bless you all

In Christ,


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